International collection

Strong network for international collection.

As a member of the sectoral federation ABR-BVI, CMA is heavily involved in FENCA, the European network of credit management agencies. Thanks to our long-standing contacts, we have built a worldwide network of local partners to whom we can entrust our international cases.

A collection agent in the debtor’s country

Is a debtor located outside our borders? Thanks to our strong network, we can always start an effective international collection procedure.

Because your debtor generally lives just around the corner from one of our collection agents somewhere in the world. Our international claims are settled in the debtor’s own language and currency and in accordance with the customs and laws of the country in which the establishment is located.

We always work with independent partners. So every claim we entrust to our partners is an important case for them, and one that is taken very seriously.

Preparing the first phase of international collection

With our know-how in the field, we support our customers from the very first stage of preparing any international collection cases.For example, from the time you draft your general terms and conditions. In this way, we ensure that any future international collection is on a firm legal footing.

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