Debt monitoring

Debt monitoring following an uncollected claim

Do you have an unresolved debt claim that you’d rather not pursue through legal proceedings? That outstanding sum can still be recovered by a collection agency Even if you’ve written it off for tax purposes. CMA continues to follow up dormant cases for you until the end of the statutory limitation period.

Why turn to debt monitoring?

  • If a claim is lost, there can only be an upside
  • You send out a professional signal that you are not lax about non-payment
  • It may unexpectedly lead to additional cash, even if the claim has been written off
  • An actively continuing debt claim acts as a good watchdog

How does CMA go about debt monitoring?

What if you decide not to take things further after the amicable procedure, for example because the risk is too high? If so, you can still leave the case with our collection agency.Using our advanced monitoring system, we will still seize every opportunity to collect the debt.Has anything changed about the situation of the case? Then CMA will immediately reactivate your outstanding claim.

When does CMA take action on debt monitoring?

  • If our information suggests a debtor has repayment capacity
  • If contact with the debtor is possible again
  • At targeted times when a debtor may be willing to pay
  • At times when a debtor requests new services
  • Looking for tailored solution for your debt claims?

    At CMA, we recognise that every business (SME, e-commerce company, insurer or social service provider) has its own particularities and its own methods. So we take an individual approach to each customer case. We do not operate on the basis of fixed procedures that can be taken or left.Our collection agency works to suit your business and your customer portfolio. We look at what works for you and together we find the best solution for your credit management. So don’t hesitate to sit down with us.