About us

About Credit Management & Advice

Credit Management & Advice is a Belgian collection agency established in 1998 and headed by Alain Dewit.

Our identity relies on 4 pillars:
  1. expertise in amicable recovery
  2. a strong legal network
  3. customised professional advice
  4. an honest and human approach

Our managers assume a very high level of involvement and work with a very professional and stable team of specialists. Every customer is assigned a dedicated case manager who monitors everything closely. We build a professional relationship, always striving for warm and open personal contact.

Our specialisation

Credit Management & Advice is a debt collection agency focused on both national and international collections. Our focus firstly lies onrapid amicable recovery and we have strong specialisation in this area.On the other hand, we also pursue our customer claims through our nationwide network of bailiffs and lawyers.

International collection

Thanks to our Managing Director Alain Dewit, CMA enjoys a unique, strategic position in terms of international collection. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Federation of Debt Collection Agencies (ABR/BVI), Alain Dewit has far-reaching contacts with the best-known European debt collection agencies. This ensures that CMA works with the right partners at an international level, making it very efficient at international collection.

Meet our team

Alain Dewit

Managing director
Alain Dewit is the managing director of Credit Management &Advice and has 30 years’ experience in credit management. Alain Dewit is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Federation of Debt Collection Agencies (ABR/BVI). He also chairs the BVI’s Supervisory Board (mediation service).As a result, CMA operates from a position of great legitimacy and integrity.
Alex Deneef

Alex Deneef

Business development manager
+32 0471 90 88 42
Jessica Van den Eede

Jessica Van den Eede

+32 53 79 09 47