CMA puts the focus firmly on amicable collection. We are always correct, work efficiently towards collection and act with empathy where necessary.

Alain Dewit
Managing Director CMA

Credit Management & Advice:
experts in credit management

Late payments are a problem for every business, both SMEs and larger organisations. They cause uncomfortable situations with extra stress and workload.

Many companies are afraid of their customers’ reactions and let the problem drag on. But that can put your company at risk of incurring financial difficulties.

So you should take your credit management very seriously. Credit Management & Advice builds bridges between you and your debtors.. We are respectful, but results-oriented, making sure your clients meet their financial obligations. At Credit Management & Advice, we draw on our years of expertise to relieve business owners of their credit management worries.So you can focus on your core business.

The 4 levels of our efficient credit management

As a collection agency, CMA focuses on amicable collection.That avoids costly legal proceedings. We take a problem-solving approach for both you and your debtor, always with a focus on keeping the customer relationship intact and maintaining or restoring mutual trust.

Reminder procedures

Your invoice has not been paid, what next? CMA will take care of your invoices from the due date. We will get in touch with your customer by phone and find out why payment has not been made. Credit Management & Advice will establish a dialogue and emphasise the importance of correct payments. We take a respectful approach so as not to put a strain on the customer relationship.

Amicable collection

Is the outstanding debt still unpaid after several reminders? With nearly 25 years’ expertise in debt collection, working with both consumers and businesses, CMA is the specialist in the field. With innovative solutions and applications, we determine the best approach to achieve fast result. In this phase, we work on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis. With ‘no cure, no pay’ debt collection, no fees are charged if the invoice is not successfully collected.

Debt monitoring

Even if your debtor drops off the radar, CMA continues to monitor your case closely.
If we notice any changes in the information or the possibilities for recovery, we react with lightning speed to recover the outstanding amount. Even if you have already written off the unpaid invoices for tax purposes.

International collection

Nowadays, business reaches far beyond national borders. So CMA takes care of your international claims too. We are affiliated with several internationally renowned debt collection associations.Because of this, we have a large network of rigorously selected local offices. We regularly meet our international colleagues at congresses and conferences; this is how we keep our finger on the pulse. Your unpaid invoice will be handled by these local partners. Your debtors are reminded to pay in their own language and in line with local regulations. Think global, collect local!

No cure no pay collection

The collection agency Credit Management & Advice operates on the ‘no cure, no pay’ principle.

This means that if we are unable to collect payment for an invoice, it will cost you nothing.

Consequently, CMA is obviously very results-driven in the collection of unpaid invoices.
And without needlessly harming customer relationships.

Sound credit management:
prevention is better than cure

Many companies are reluctant to bring in a collection agency.They fear that it will lose them customers. If you continue to hesitate, your DSO goes up and your liquidity falls.This can mean slower growth and delayed investments and this will eventually show up in your revenue figures.Prevention is better than cure, so take the bull by the horns and contact Credit Management & Advice.

However, sound credit management is more that just debt collection. At CMA, we are keen to maintain your customer relationship. As an experienced partner, we know exactly how to approach your debtors to solve both their and your financial problems.This will maintain the bond of trust and your customer will always pay on time in future.

Established in East Flanders,
experts in international collection.

Wherever your company or customers are, we will represent your interests seamlessly from a distance thanks to our digital platform.Online, by phone, and by post but also through our solid legal network that stretches out from East Flanders across the whole country and far beyond.

Thanks to our strong international network, our debt collector is always just around the corner from the debtor, in any part of the world.

Our collaboration with CMA started in 2008. Our company has seen strong growth since 2000. Optimising working capital is a key factor in growth. CMA understood this immediately and, working with us, tailored our payment flows accordingly.

We at Westfalen are also very much attached to our customer relationships. CMA understands this. There is also always a story behind a failure to pay. CMA is therefore in constant dialogue with our customers who cannot make their payments on time. They have a proactive attitude and our periodic consultations with them regularly make us adapt and adjust our procedures. They are real experts with an eye for our needs.

In short, CMA understands our business.

Annick De Vos